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    Welcome to Vscore Central!
In addition to our inventory of pre-owned Printed Circuit Manufacturing Equipment,
which you can access at the navigation bar on the left. We have also included some valuable information on the process of V-Scoring. Feel free to print or bookmark
"The V-Scoring Guide" for your handy reference. (see FAQ'S on left)
For any Questions or suggestions, please contact me at
Mark Simmons, Owner

Below, you will find information about our other services:
Vscore Central, Inc.
Precision Fab Services
What we do…
V-Score Central, Inc. is a Service Provider that services the following groups;
Printed Circuit Manufacturing;
CNC V-Scoring, NC Routing, Beveling, X-Section Lab
Electronics Assembly;
Custom pallets, spacers, stiffeners, odd forms,
Re-work Services
Machined Plastic Parts for;
Industrial applications
Medical Industry
Toy Manufacturers
Why we do it…
Lets face it…not everyone is cut out for service. It's not something you can teach.
You either get a sense of satisfaction out of doing a good job for others or you don't.
We do!